Best School in Auckland - University of Auckland

 Best School in Auckland - University of Auckland

Why should Auckland University of Technology be elected?  Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is renowned as a great college with a large number of degree programs.

Best School in Auckland - University of Auckland

  Every talented and dedicated sensible person imagined getting into autos and enriching their businesses.  * Employment * The mission of the University of Auckland is to prepare the world by giving unusual teaching encounters, teaching its understanding for its profession.  It is empowered to see progress, innovation, leading examination, ability to test and new progress.

Best School in Auckland - University of Auckland 

 Formally opened in 1883, Auckland University is considered to be New Zealand's top-tier university in terms of employability of graduates.  Interest in academic research grew during the Depression in the early 1930s.  A group of students started a literary magazine, Phoenix, which later became the focus for the first literary movement in New Zealand history.

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In the late 1960s, the university built the largest library in New Zealand.  The University of Auckland has enrolled more than 40,000 students on its five campuses, with 10,000 students on an annual basis.  In addition, the university has New Zealand's largest research organization, consisting of over 13,000 staff and postgraduate students, who participate and apply in the field of fundamental research

 The University of Auckland organizes 8 learning institutes, two major research institutes as well as its teaching campus within other institutions and centers.  The University includes the Faculty of Arts, Business School, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Creative Arts and Industry, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Faculty of Education and Social, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Law, Liggins Institute, Auckland Bioengineering Institute and several research institutes.  And center.

Topics In the QS World University Rankings by 2020, the University of Auckland ranked among the top 50 universities around the world for 13 of its subjects to offer.  In particular, the university's three disciplines - archeology, education and pharmacy - attained 25, 27 and 27th world rank respectively.

 In addition, in 2018 the university has generated approximately $ 283 million in annual research revenue from both the public and private sectors.  According to the evaluation, it received 33% of the funds based on research degree completion.  It also received 36% funding based on external research income.

In addition, the university attained 31% of its total funding on confirmation of its status as being the premier research institute in the country.  The University of Auckland has the most influential alumni network in the world.  Some successful alumni of the university include Beijing-based filmmaker Han Niu, who did MA Screen Production from the University of Auckland in 2014 and is currently working towards creating a feature film project called The Manifesto.

nother successful alumnus is perfume brand manager Clorinda Di Tommaso, who earned a BA degree in Auckland in 2002, followed by a translation diploma and a Masters in Italian Cinema.

 Best School in Auckland for indians- University of Auckland

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